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“Bravura Branding treated my business and brand as their own, delivering on their promises and even troubleshooting issues beyond the original scope. Their commitment to excellence is unmatched, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Trustworthy and dedicated, Bravura Branding is the team to elevate your brand.”

- Maurice Benard, 3X Daytime Emmy, General Hospital, Producer & Host State of Mind Podcast

Branding Solution

Celebrity Brand Management

We unleashed and leveraged Maurice’s celebrity status to necessitate a cohesive strategy that aligned his values, engaged audiences, and leveraged technology for efficient scalability and personalized interactions for short-term recognition and long-term sustainability. 


Seamlessly integrate design solution while harmoniously blended the podcast's visual elements with Maurice Benard's iconic presence.


Central to our strategy was crafting authentic, heartfelt copy that resonated with both long-time fans and individuals seeking mental health insights.


At the heart of our strategy was ensuring that monetization efforts aligned seamlessly with the brand's core values/mission.


Our mission was to seamlessly integrate Maurice Benard’s legacy as a distinguished actor in daytime TV Soap Opera, General Hospital with ‘State of Mind’ podcast’s mission to be a powerful resource to help explore and improve your mental health and wellness. We aimed to create a brand identity that leveraged his on-screen charisma while conveying the podcast’s core values of empathy and support. The design strategy and solution harmoniously blended the podcast’s visual elements with Maurice Benard’s iconic presence.

Website Transformation

We embarked on a transformative journey to revamp the brand's website. Our goal was to ensure that the website served as a central hub, reflecting the brand's essence while offering intuitive navigation, engaging content, and included ecommerce website integration. This not only enhanced user experience but also acted as a foundation for seamless integration with other technologies.


Our primary focus was curating merchandise that resonated deeply with the brand's identity and values. Through a meticulous design and selection process, we ensured that each item embodied the essence of the brand, thereby enhancing its recognition and connecting with the audience on a meaningful level.

User-Centric Design Philosophy

Throughout our efforts, a user-centric design philosophy guided us. We ensured that every interaction across the integrated technologies was aligned with the brand's persona. This resulted in a seamless transition for users moving between the brand's website, CRM, Shopify, Google-powered experiences, and Facebook engagements.

Project Work

We take a strategic wholistic approach to drive optimal brand growth.

Our primary goal was to diversify the brand’s revenue streams, reducing dependence on a single source. By identifying and implementing a range of income avenues, such as product sales, social media monetization, amabassador partnerships, and premium content offerings, we created a robust and resilient monetization framework.

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